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Kindergarten is a very important year in a child's education as it is often their first introduction to education away from the home.

Our Kindergarten aims to offer children a caring and stimulating environment that is welcoming and fun. Our Kindergarten offers children an Enchanted Garden, state of the nature play area complete with a water pump, sandpits, forts, chickens, rabbits, guinea pigs, vegetable patches and so much more. All of this assists with children's cognitive development, emotional development, learning ability, health and fitness.

They go a long way towards encouraging students' curiosity and creativity; giving them the best learning experiences while instilling in them a love of learning. This not only prepares them for their next year of school but also plants the seed for fostering positives attitudes towards lifelong learning. At Rossmoyne Kindy, we aim to set values relating to a sense of community, sharing and environmental responsibility.

What is a Community Kindergarten?

Community Kindergartens offer an alternative to on-site state school based Kindergartens. Community Kindergartens operate from purpose built facilities and playgrounds that are usually leased from local government. Our Kindergarten is leased from the City of Canning.

Teachers are appointed by the Department of Education and the Kindergartens are managed by parent committees in co-operation with teachers and the local community. Being a Community Kindergarten means we rely on Community Support and funding to operate including Grants, Donations and Volunteers.

What is a Community Kindergarten?

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Frequently Asked Questions

When can my child start Kindergarten?

If your child turns four between 1 January and 30 June, they can attend that year. If your child is already four and turns five between 1 July and 31 December they can attend.

Do you offer a 3 Year Old Kindy or Pre-Kindy Program?

No, unfortunately we do not have the space or facilities to offer such a program.

If my child is 3 and turns 4 after June 30, can they start in the term in which they turn 4 years old?

No, your child will have to wait until the following year to start Kindy.

If I live out of the catchment area can I still apply?

Preference is given to families in the local intake area or who have siblings attending Rossmoyne Primary, however if there is space availalbe, applications outside of the intake area may be considered. (Note: a maximum of 40 spots available per year, once this is full applications will go on a waitlist. Acceptance into the Kindy does not guarantee acceptance into the Primary School).

Parent Information

Parent Information Booklet

For more information about our Kindergarten, including session times, Contributions and Charges, please see attached our information booklet, or alternatively, please feel free to contact the Kindergarten during school hours. Parents are a vital part of children's education and are always welcome at our kindy. Please note that our payments have increased and we are going cashless from 2022.


By enroling your child and paying your Contributions, you become a Member of the Rossmoyne Kindergarten Association, please see below a copy of our Constitution for your information.

Parent Committee Roles

Getting involved in our Parent Committee at our kindergarten is a great way to get to know other parents and helps to create a great sense of community at the kindergarten.
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